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Discover the beautiful country of Egypt

Egypt is an ancient country that beholds the mysteries of the pharaohs and the kings that ruled this country. A land, which was once rich with gold and wealth, has been built upon a culture that is long standing in the history of the world. The biggest city of Egypt is Cairo, with the major attractions being the Sphinx, pyramids, and the Nile River. As a tourist to this country, you will in all probability land in Cairo.

The Civilisation of Egypt
Egypt is one of the most ancient civilisations in the world. It is best known for its ancient cultures like preservation of the mummies, burying their dead with gold and precious stones, the pyramids, and the intricate architecture like the Sphinx. This civilisation flourished on the banks of Nile in ancient times; the Blue River brought them all the wealth that they sought. This ancient civilisation remains to be the most sought after by archaeologists worldwide and also to be known as one of the most important tourist destinations.

Travelling in Egypt
Travelling in Egypt can be a bit of a challenge. When you migrate from the crowded city, like Cairo, to the deserts, you find public transport demeaning and erratic. Renting your own car in Egypt can be more beneficial, as most of the pyramids and the tombs are located in the deserts of Egypt. Thankfully, you will find apt vehicles to cruise around the difficult desert terrain. There is nothing to worry about, as Egypt is modernised enough to meet the demanif you wish to hire a car in Egypt cities center or airports, it has never been so easy thanks to our booking search engine.

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To learn more about this country we invite you to check wikipedia

What is required by law when driving in Egypt ?

Before booking a car in Egypt, we recommend revising the current driving laws in the country. Here you will already find some useful information.
We recommend double check the following information on Egypt's government websites. If you see any changes to make, please let us know and we will update our database for other drivers!

Egypt Driving Side

In Egypt drivers must drive on the right side of the road

Egypt Driving Speed Limit

Town : 60km/h
Carriageway : 90km/h
Motorway : 100-120km/h

Egypt Driving Alcohol Limit

Blood Alcohol Level : %
In Egypt drivers are not allowed to drive if they overpass grams of alcohol per 100ml of blood

Egypt Minimum Driving Age

Driver under 18 are not allowed to drive car.

Car Rental With In Egypt

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Our car rental search engine will scan national and local car rental agencies in egypt to find the cheapest car rental available in the market. We are currently working with many companies like to make sure you will always have different rental options for your holidays or business trips.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Contact Support

When you rent a car, it is always usefull to check the terms and conditions of rental. In the FAQ, we tried to cover most of your frequent questions. If you have like to ask us direct questions please send us a message from our contact page.

Additional drivers can be added to your rental, an extra charge might be applied by the car rental agency.

Additional drivers can be added to your rental, an extra charge might be applied by the car rental agency.

Eligible Car Rental Driver's age

25 to 99 years. Young drivers age: 21 to 24 years might be charge extra per day.

Eligible Driving Licence

Bare in mind that in many car rental agencies, if your driving's licence is not in the Roman alphabet (i.e. if it is in Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic or Chinese) you are required to bring an International Driving Permit and your domestic licence. For driving licenses from countries not part of the international driving license treaty, an official translation of the license must be presented with the original license.

Car Rental Fuel Policies

The most common fuel policy is Full to Full. Basically, your vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and you will have to return it with full tank. To avoid incurring fuel charges, you will need to return it with the same amount of fuel as it had when you collected it.

On your pick up, you may be required to leave a fuel deposit reserved or charged on your credit card, this will be released or refunded when you return the car full. Missing fuel will be charged on your return. The price per litre charged by the rental agent may be significantly higher than the price at the local service station. A refuelling charge may also be applicable. Fuel charges are payable at the rental desk unless otherwise stated in the top section of rate details.

Most of the time, the mileage policy will be unlimited. Meanwhile, some car rental agencies impose a mileage restriction per day. Please make sure to double check this policy before booking a car

For most rental, those basic insurance will be offered for free. You could take a complete damage cover package during your booking or when you will collect the rental.

  • Collision damage waiver (CDW) / Extra -> Complete cover package
  • Theft waiver (TW)
  • Third party liability protection (TP)

The supplier might require a deposit amount at pick-up. It is a guarantee held on the credit card in the event of damage or theft of the vehicle. It will be automatically released if there is no damage or theft during the rental period.

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